Save room for one of our homemade cream or fruit pies… Made fresh daily! (Ask about our selection) 

Desserts / Deset

Homemade Cream Pies …$5.49

Homemade Fruit Pies …$5.49

A la mode …(add)$2.50

Apple Cakes …$14.99

Fresh carmelized apples rolled in a homemade potato pancake topped with powdered sugar

Crepes / Nalesniki

Nalesnik (one)  …$3.99 (plain) …$4.99 (filled)

Nalesniki (three) …$9.99 (plain) …$11.99 (filled)


Fruit Choices:

Farmer’s Cheese • Lemon • Apples & Cinnamon • Sour Cream • Cherry • Raspberry
Blueberry • Peaches & Cream • Strawberry (fresh when in season)